a few loves stories – Our Journey


As most of you are aware, over the past 5 months we have been working towards shooting several scenes from our script. There were 3 main reasons for that exercise:

1. Seek out the very best talent.
2. Give ourselves a sanity check on efforts and cost associated with the production.
3. Present footage that paints an picture of people behind the project.


The teasers should start trickling on the website starting August 25. While we publish our work, please be aware that this is just a beginning and we need your support in raising capital needed for completion of remaining of the shoot. Plan is to launch our Kick Starter project September 15, 2014 & we hope your guys can become a part of our family.

After watching teasers, if you feel entertained even for a minute, please share our efforts. Tweet. Facebook. Google+. Email. Any means of communication will be deeply appreciated. The project our size cannot succeed without your support.

Finally, if you love movies like the way we do and want to become part of this venture, please shoot us a message via CONTACT US form.